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Over 2000 statistics to choose from

Whether it’s for cash games or tournament poker, heads-up or multi-way, limped or 4bet pot, or a certain range of effective stack sizes, you’ll find your statistics here.

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Never before have custom stats been this cheap — from 49¢ per stat!  Our stat store allows you to put together exactly the package you want and pay for only the stats you select.

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As the player pool continues to improve, having better information will help you increase your edge.  With more finely-tuned stats, you’ll have a greater level of detail and new insights.

Add the statistics to any PokerTracker HUD

Create your own personalized HUD

Whether you are modifying a Premium HUD or building your own from scratch, custom stats give you the information you need. Use them in your table panels or on popups – the power of PokerTracker’s custom stats is now unleashed to help you build the HUD that’s perfect for you.

Use the statistics on reports

Make your customized reports more concise and insightful

There is a lot to be learned about your opponents’ tendencies by generating reports that let you compare and contrast play between different players, but reports with built-in stats only give you a general picture. Custom stats increase your advantage by revealing more flaws in your opponents’ strategy.