Why do you need my PokerTracker license information?

The stats are delivered automatically to your PokerTracker software.  When you run PT4, it uses that information to know it should download your new stats directly into the software.  We don’t need the entire registration code, just the last 6 characters.  You can find this info by going to the Help menu in PT4 and choosing About.  The information is on that page as shown below.

I can’t find some of the stats I want in the ProPokerStats catalog.  How can I get them made?

Submit a form to suggest a custom stat, and we will be adding frequently requested stats to the catalog.  We will be continuously updating the catalog with additional affordable custom stats.

We can also create custom stats and HUDs per your requirements if you prefer.  Just contact support@pokerhuds.com and describe what you would like to have created.

Can I get a free trial of some stats?

No, stats are only available for purchase.

I want to use my stats for both cash games and MTTs/SnGs, but they’re only available in one area.  How do I get the other?

Stats must be purchased specifically for cash games or tournaments.  If you would like versions for both, you need to purchase both.  If you don’t see the stat available in the game type you are looking for, you can submit a form to suggest a custom stat.

Why am I not getting a discount if I have 11 stats in my cart?

The stats need to all be from the same stake level to qualify for the quantity discounts.

Do you have any custom stats for Holdem Manager?

We do not offer custom stats for Holdem Manager at this time.

How will I get my stats?

Your stats will automatically be added to your PokerTracker 4 software next time you start it.  If PT4 is already running, they will be added the next time you restart PT4.  They will be downloaded and available for adding to HUD table groups and popups, as well as reports.  There is nothing for you to import yourself.  The process is fully automated.

How long before my stats show up on my system?

Your stats should be delivered within 12 hours of when the order was placed.  If 24 hours have passed and you have not received a confirmation email that your stats have been activated, please contact us at support@propokerstats.com.

What should I do when I first get my new stats?

After your stats have been activated and automatically downloaded by PokerTracker 4, you must rebuild the custom cache.  Under the Database menu in PT4, select Database Management, click the Rebuild Cache button, and select Custom Cache Rebuild.

Do you have a user guide for how to use the stats?

No.  Adding the stats to your HUD or report works the same way as any other stat.  See this PT4 Advanced HUD Guide and this Custom Reports Guide.

Can I add these stats to my HUD that I bought from a Premium HUD provider such as ProPokerHUDs?

You can add stats to a Premium HUD if it is unlocked.  Concact your HUD provider for more information.

Why can’t I see my purchased stats in the Statistics section of PokerTracker, but I can see them when I go to add them to my HUD?

The way the PokerTracker Premium System operates, you can use premium stats where you like, but it does not allow for editing the stat itself.

Why can’t I alter the stats I purchased from ProPokerStats?

The Premium System in PokerTracker allows for stats to be used as distributed by the provider.  This system allows us to provide a wide variety of stats while keeping prices incredibly low.

Can I use these stats in my HUDs and in reports?

Yes, you can add them to HUD table groups and popups and your custom reports.

How do I add stats to my own HUD?

In the HUD Profile Editor in PokerTracker, click the “+” symbol and select Add Statistic and select one of your stats from ProPokerStats just as you would any normal statistic.  In the Choose a Statistic box, you can select Show Premium Stats to help narrow the list down to your stats from ProPokerStats.

Will my purchased stats work on my Mac?

Yes, all stats will work on Mac or Windows.

I have PokerTracker installed on two machines.  Will I have access to my purchased stats on both machines?

Yes.  The stats are tied to your PokerTracker license, and you will have access to them on any machine that is running PT4 using your license.

I restarted PokerTracker, but I still don’t see my stats.  Where are they?

Check that the PT4 credentials you provided when ordering the stats are the same as the PT4 client you are using.  Go to Help > About in PT4 and see which license is being used, as shown in the image below.

My stat is slow to fill with the number in my HUD.  How can I improve the performance?

Make sure you have rebuilt the custom cache for ALL the databases you are using to populate your HUD since your latest order of custom stats.

If you have a version of PostgreSQL older than 9.3, you may want to upgrade to the latest version.  Your installed version can be found in PokerTracker 4 via Database > Database Management.  Here is PokerTracker’s official guide to updating PostgreSQL.

You should also ensure that you have adequate free space on your hard drive.  If you have a very large database, adding an SSD to your system will result in a dramatic improvement in performance over a conventional hard drive.

What if I spot a mistake in a stat?

If a stat appears not to be working correctly, please fill out a report a bug form, and we’ll address it as soon as possible.  Identify the name of the stat and provide as much information about the bug as possible.

How can I remove stats from my system that I no longer want?

Send the list of stats that you want removed to support@propokerstats.com.

How do I upgrade to a higher stake level for a stat I already purchased?

We are currently working out the details on how to do that.  In the meantime, contact support@propokerstats.com.

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